Sunday, November 04, 2012

Halloween 2012

We went to a pumpkin patch here in town.  And when I say pumpkin patch it's really just a bunch of pumpkins brought in, placed around kids rides and activities.  We didn't need a pumpkin at this point so we were just planning on having the girls do rides.  Let me just say, for what they got to do, it was way too expensive.  But, the girls had fun with what they did.  
Chloe and Etta in the background on the swings.
Etta's classmate and friend Kade joined us in the evening festivities.
These three were twirling like crazy!
Happy kids.
Next the kids went to the petting zoo.  They had a mean black duck that bit any kid that tried petting it or the duck next to it.  Etta was one of his victims.
Chloe trying to feed a goat.
Posing for pictures.

 The following day was Halloween.  I helped out for Etta's first grade Halloweiner lunch party.  All the kids had a good time eating hot dogs, fruit, and dessert for lunch.  I followed that party up by going over to the kindergartners and helping out with their party.  Let's just say both the girls had lots of sweets by the time they left school.
Eric had us meet him at Lowe's for some early trick or treating and for the girls to pick out the color they want their toy boxes Eric is making them.  I was rushed and didn't get to take any pictures of this.  But, the girls got lots of candy in their pre-treating.  Etta at this point had asked to be Ariel last second so you can imagine the chaos the house was in since she switched costumes.  Oh well.
We came home and set up for the girls to trick or treat while I stayed at home handing out candy.  Below you'll see how the front of the house looked before night time.  Unfortunately you can't see the pumpkin blow up on the upstairs balcony in this picture:(
The house was a hit with the younger generation.
Chloe's skeleton bat pumpkin.  Yeah, she picked this out not me.
Etta has a cat and a moon.  I thought this one looked pretty cool.
Since Kade doesn't live in such a kid friendly neighborhood we invited him to trick or treat with the girls for a second year in a row. 

I can't imagine how many kids came to our door and I had to pilfer through the girls' candy bags at one point (don't worry, I only took the crappy candy out).  Chloe was done at an hour since she was scared but Etta and Kade went back out for more candy.  The kids had a great time and even after handing out more of their candy, they still had tons for themselves.  Eric and I of course help ourselves way too much to their candy.  Another successful year of Halloween.

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